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Anite is a leading supplier of test and measurement solutions to the international wireless market. LDD has worked with Anite for over 12 years developing hardware and firmware for several generations of their Baseband Processing systems targeting mobile technologies including GSM, W-CDMA, 4G/LTE and LTE-Advanced. We have provided solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands for bandwidth and processing power which help Anite to remain at the leading edge of Mobile Handset and device testing and verification.

BFM came to LDD for assistance in developing a new generation of LCD based electric fires. The project had been in development for some time but BFM had struggled to find a partner who could fully meet the brief, due to challenges in ensuring the electronics would perform as required. Our team was able to develop an innovative FPGA based solution which not only met the brief, but which was also significantly smaller and lower cost than the existing design.

Megger is a leading supplier of electronic measuring and test equipment for electrical power applications. Their products provide diagnostics which help improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of a range of electrical assets.  We have recently completed a successful project providing an advanced processing solution for use in future generations of Megger test products.

Seamap designs, manufactures and sells a broad range of proprietary products for the seismic, hydrographic and offshore industry.  LDD has worked with Seamap for 8 years providing programmable device solutions for a number of their projects including their Gunlink and Buoylink products.

Thales is an electronics systems company which creates solutions within areas such as defence, aerospace and security. LDD have successfully completed many projects for Thales over 20 years for use mainly in defence products.

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