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At the heart of virtually every modern system there is at least one microprocessor which cannot function without software. This is often referred to as Embedded Software as it is a key component of the system, not just a downloadable add-on.

Here at LDD Technology we have decades of experience designing and supporting this type of software for a wide variety of different types of product on a huge range of different processor architecture. We have built our Ethernet Module based on an Intel FPGA NIOS processor; complex sonar systems using x86 and ARM architectures; Video Processing Systems controlled by a Raspberry Pi, infra-red remote controls run by PIC microcontrollers; test equipment employing the latest Xilinx Zynq…. The list is endless.

We learned our craft debugging Intel x86 processors using assembly language and Pascal, and have developed our skills allowing us to use the latest C/C++ tools to implement software on virtually any processing platform.

We use Object Oriented techniques where possible and can work with Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), Linux, Microsoft Windows or baremetal. If we are designing your electronics for you then we will invariably write software to test and prove its operation and would really like to write your product’s Embedded Software for you as part of our service.

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