High Quality Electronic Design House

If you know what you need your product or component to do, but you're unable to design or develop the electronics to achieve it, we can help. We're experts in the design of electronics systems, from specifying to design, prototyping and production.

Why LDD Technology

Specialising in the design of Advanced Digital Electronics Systems, Dorset based LDD Technology provides a full range of electronic design services including the specification, design, prototyping and production of electronics for inclusion in our customers’ products.

We are experts in the design of electronics systems including the use of FPGAs, Embedded Processors and SOCs. We ensure that we create the most suitable designs to meet our clients’ requirements including using the very latest technologies where appropriate

Our electronic engineering design service can start with an idea or a specification from a client. We help them convert this into a fully working and tested design assisting them through all the stages of the new product design process.