Programmable Logic

FPGA & Programmable Logic

At LDD we have extensive FPGA and programmable logic electronic design expertise. Our greatest familiarity is with Altera and Xilinx devices.

We are very experienced in the use of Quartus II, Vivado and ModelSim design tools and the development of designs using VHDL. We are always happy to recommend tools and silicon to suit specific requirements. We also have knowledge of many older programming tools, and so are well placed to provide support for your legacy projects.

Recent designs have included:

  • Multi-processor, compact PCI board containing six Statix IV devices
  • Multiple FPGA Board performing complex real time processing (sonar processor)
  • Memory card interfaces (SD card and CompactFlash)
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Many of our electronic designs involve the use of NIOS II embedded processors and/or IP cores.

We have the flexibility to meet customer needs whether that's providing custom designed cores, FPGA designs or complete integrated solutions including circuit design and board layout. Find out about our other hardware capabilities, or contact us for more information or a quote.

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